America Is Full of Criminals(a post from March 22)

June 17, 2008


Did you know more than 1 out of every 100 American adults are behind bars? This is outrageous.  There are 1,596,127 people in national prisons, and this number is always rising. There are more people in our prisons then the population of several countries such as: Swaziland, Estonia, and East Timor.  Just 21 years ago, in 1987 there were “only” half a million people is our country’s prison! What is even more puzzling is that violent crimes have dropped 25% since then. Most people think America is a safe country, but America has the MOST inmates! China is closest to America, with about 300,000 less criminals. But, as you must know by now, China has a much larger population than U.S. 
Some Statistics 
91% of all inmates are male
1 in 9 African American men from ages 20 to 34 are in jail
1 in 36 Hispanic men are in jail who are 18 or older
1 in 106 White men are in jail who are 18 or older
Clearly, this is not a good thing. America must work hard to reduce these numbers. In my opinion, it must first change the second amendment that states all American citizens have the right to bear arms(see Should americans be allowed to bear arms? « pnewb). If this amendment is removed, I guarantee that the number of people in prison will decrease. Also, America must stop illegal drugs from coming into the country. With these things happening America’s prisons will quickly empty.




Five Years Of My LIfe:An Innocent Man In Guantanamo

by Murat Kurnaz

June 14, 2008

      Recently, I read an excellent book about an innocent man from a Turkish family, living in Germany, that was sent to Guantanamo for FIVE years. Most people see the prisoners at Guantanamo completely guilty of terrible crimes and could care less about what goes on there. However, there are some innocent people who are so unlucky to end up in one of the worst places on earth. The prisoners there are treated horribly, and basically tortured every second of the day. 

       The book is the story of Murat and what he went through at Guantanamo and how the U.S. government treated him. After reading this, I couldn’t stop thinking about how terrible the U.S. government is. On the outside, the government can seem great, but underneath, it is the total opposite.

       Murat went to Pakistan in October, 2001 as a 19 year old muslim man wanting to learn more about his religion. Of course, this was only a month after 9/11, so it wasn’t the best time for a trip to Pakistan. At the time the U.S. was PAYING Pakistan to send any suspicious men in the country to them. So, practically anyone with an odd look was sent to the U.S., so that Pakistan could get more money. On the last day of Murat’s trip he was stopped at a routine checkpoint and taken of the bus he was on; just becuase he looked a little different. The next five years was a complete nightmare for him as he was tortured every day at Guananamo. The soldiers said they would stop  torturturing him to get more information , but of course, he was innocent so he did not have any information on the Al-Qaeda. Two years later Murat the U.S. government knew he was innocent but did not send him back home! They just left him there for another 3 years until his family and and lawyers got him out. 

The bottom line is YOU must read this book, and  the U.S. government coul use some improvement.




Recent Heat in East Coast

June 10,2008

          Recently, temperatures have risen to the high 90s in the northeast area. This has caused millions of complaints by almost everyone. This has made me extremely annoyed at the spoiled Americans. They think this heat is so bad, but it isn’t. There are millions of people who face this weather every day of the year without air conditioning or fans. Americans are too accustomed to luxuries that many in the world don’t have. It is outrageous that they don’t realize this and still complain. Its time they learn a lesson. 

          If I had any authority in a middle or high school district I would find this an opportune time to teach spoiled teenagers how life is for others. I would require everyone to stay in school the entire day and not allow early departures from school grounds due to the heat. However, our corrupt and terrible school system thinks this is a great time to end school early because of “intense heat.” This is ************************. Don’t they have any common sense. I don’t want to hear anything about it being too hot until it goes well over 100 degrees and the power goes out. Still no American should be grumbling about the temperature considering how lucky they are to be here in the United States of America. 

The bottom line is that Americans(especially teenagers) are completely SPOILED


Cars in the U.S.

June 8,2008

         I would just like to tell all of you readers that China’s cars have a standard 36 mpg while United States cars have a standard of 26 mpg. And America thinks China is polluting the world!!!!!! Its atrocious. the U.S. government is ruining the world!!!!!!!!!

       Our car manufacturers bragging about having efficient cars is nonsense. U.S. has the worst cars in the world. This is from a Chevy add,”That’s why Chevy offers seven models with an EPA estimated 30 mpg highway or better, plus more vehicle choices today than any brand that can run on cleaner-burning, mostly renewable E85 ethanol.” Well, these “environmentally friendly ” cars wouldn’t be allowed in China and ethanol is 10x worse than fossil fuels when it comes to saving the environment and having enough food for everyone on the planet. 


 Climate Change Bill

June 6, 2008

          Today, June 6, 2008 the congress did one of the stupidest things they could possibly do by dropping a bill on Climate Change. The Senate did vote in favor of the bill 48 to 36, but that was not enough for the bill to pass. It needed 12 more votes to reach the next stage of consideration. Six senators who did not vote, including presidential nominees Obama and McCain sent in letters claiming they would have voted for the bill had they been at the capitol to vote.  Some people (including environmental groups) believe this is a sign that the majority of Senators care about global warming, and it is, but everyone should care about this cause; for if nothing is done right now, it will effect everyone, unlike most other debated topics these days. 

          The carbon-capping bill was made to reduce United State’s global warming emissions by 66% by 2050. It would have reduced U.S. imports by at least $500 billion by 2030. The selfish Republicans who voted against the bill claimed it would raise fuel prices even more. Well, it is already rising and probably will continue to rise for a very long time, so a few more cents( if even that) would not even be noticed by America’s people. These old conservatives only care that they wouldn’t be able to fly to Hawaii on there next vacation(illegally payed by taxpayer money) and would have to fly to Florida instead since the airplane ticket would cost slightly more due to the higher fuel prices. They don’t understand that no matter how high fuel prices go, great catastrophes will not occur. On the other hand, ignoring global warming will have far more dangerous consequences than rising gas prices, which is unavoidable at the moment. Billions will eventually be affected by global warming if we don’t act not.  These congressmen only care about what will happen during their lifetime and time in office. 

         Many Democrats hope next year a bill like this will have a better chance in the congress and be passed. One Republican senator who has some sense is John McCain who says global warming is one of his top issues. But of course, if it was one of his “top” issues maybe he should have considered actually voting for the bill today. This goes with Obama too. But as all of you should know, this is politics. They say what you want to hear(or what they think you want to hear) and do nothing about it. 

      I would like to conclude by saying there is no point in expecting anything from the congress these days, except for things to go worse. Moreover, the worst Republican, President Bush, already stated he would not pass this bill (obviously he would not sign such a logical bill)so there was no hope from the start. Keith Avery correctly said, “If pro is the opposite of con, then isn’t progress the opposite of congress?” It is time for the people and companies to act, since there is no doubt that the government will remain idle on this topic for at least the next few months. 


For more information on this bill go see these links:

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  1. Argrahhhhh! Still can not think of a catchy name for your page.

  2. Totally agree! Why must people drive around inefficient, gas-guzzling boxes? The American auto makers have fallen into a deep pit because they do not understand the concept of fuel efficiency. Japanese and chinese automakers are manufacturing far superior cars, and that is why so many Americans flock to them.

  3. I know this is a cliche, but I totally could not agree with you more. This is why America is in trouble!!!! It is the inconsiderate, self-loving( not a real word) Americans who only worry about their needs and no one else’s.

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