Posted by: optionshiftk | March 19, 2008

Should americans be allowed to bear arms?

In recent months, the issue of the second amendment has come up. The ammendment gives all american citizens the right to bear arms. Many states such as washington D.C have put severe limitations on this right. I happened to think no citizen should have this right. I want an amedment to get rid of the right to posses and use guns. Question:   

Should americans be allowed to bare arms?


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  1. I agree with you. No one deserves the right to have and posses guns. People argue that they cannot protect themselves without arms; but, this is nonsense. If no one has a gun than I don’t think there will be any time when a citizen needs one to stay safe. Guns are destructive possessions that only cause problems. I don’t understand why there is not an amendment that states, “No one has the right to bare arms.”

  2. The word you’re looking for is bear, not bare. bare means uncovered or naked, while bear is both the animal and to have/own something.

  3. Me and futbal7 should know, we argued about it in class. If anybody is allowed to carry a gun we will all die. Plain and simple.

  4. […] change the second amendment that states all American citizens have the right to bear arms(see Should americans be allowed to bear arms? « pnewb). If this amendment is removed, I guarantee that the number of people in prison will decrease. […]

  5. there should be an amendment that bans weapons… BE OLD FASHIONEDD LEARN KUNG FU =]

  6. people have the right to bear arms and if people take that away from us we would not be able to get food like chicken and hamburgers and deer and terkey and ham and people we are all going to die some day and if you take the guns away that people can still kill you with a rock and a ball point pen or a fork ypu pick people be smart…..

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