The BEST Sports Videos in the World

Cool Sports Videos 

 The BEST Tricks and Plays and Players You’ll Ever See.  

If you have seen any great videos that are worthy of being considered for this fantastic list please let us know by writing a comment.

Please note that none of these videos have been created by Pnewb, they are just amazing highlights off of Youtube. 



This years Dunk Contest was awesome. Dwight Howard came up with superb dunks and executed them with perfection. YOU must see these dunks(if you haven’t seen them yet)!


Now, this is the best NFL in a long time. Not only was this an amazing play, but it was a key play in helping the underdog Giants defeat the “PERFECT’ Patriots.


  I personally believe these are UNBELIEVABLE  tricks. I wonder if Ronaldinho can beat this guy.


Maybe the Patriots should sign this guy for a few million bucks 




An amazing free kick by Cristiano Ronaldo(a.k.a. Ball Hog with lots of skills)



Whose better-Maradona or Ronaldinho?



Whose better-Pele or Maradona?




Now these are some great goals.




  1. i hate ronaldo
    and youtube fifa street 3 most amazing juggling/freestyle ever

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