The Video Place

   This is the place to find awesome videos on anything and everything! Everyday pnewb writers surf YouTube to bring you the best videos(feshly cut…hand picked…only $1)! And from time to time we come up with our own videos that you may enjoy. Our developement team is constantly researching hot topics! And the best part is you can post your vidoes here too. Just give us the link and we’ll do the rest! Enjoy!  









“You suck at Photoshop!”( see below)







Earth Hour 2008          






Did someone say developers? <hr     The most amazing pool trick ever! 

The best sports news show ever! BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE


This is great if you wnt to make an awesome movie! 


 Are you a MAC or PC?

 Mac Book>Mac Book Air

 WOW-These people can jump, roll, and do a bunch of other amazing stuff. It is called Parkour.

Biggest Nintendo fan ever…geek.



This is quite funny for mac fans. In this video captured by TMZ, we see famed  singer/ songwriter and applefanboy john mayer and the guy who plays the mac( john long) in the Mac Vs. P.C. commercial get into a heated argument about the infamous Ron Paul** Caution mild language** 




Hey, not very original, but a great tech inspired spinoff of Billy joel’s song” We didn’t star the fire” 


My new headphones 







  1. That tech bubble one was funny.

  2. new vids are posted on top. Thanks

  3. there are a lot of cool vids here
    the nintendo geek is the best

  4. Those soccer vids are insane!!

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