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Update: September 19, 2008-pnewb has died

I sit hear on my stabliity ball( Don’t ask) contemplating my decision to end pnewb. It was more than a week ago that I wrote the “final post” It has since been followed up by two posts. Still, I am debating whether I should continue and keep the blog alive. Yes, the readers are few, but I still need a place to dump my ideas, and share intresting things.



Update: June 18, 2008- sorry dude

I must address an issue that has cought me time and time again; this issue is of course my tardiness in updating this news section. For those who eagerly await these updates( no one) I am sorry. This update is just an apology…..stay tuned for a fresh, proactive edition tomorrow( june 19)

Update: June 11, 2008- New page!

I am extremely thrilled to announce that our website has a brand new page for our readers to love. It is being updated and written by futbul7( formerly of” half-logical sports cubicle”) This page is quite different than his previous sports page. It gives an interesting perspective on today’s culture which includes politics, foreign affairs, and most importantly congress. You see, futbol7 believes the very name ” congress” is a detriment in itself! The prefix “con” describes something negative, so why would the decision making branch of the U.S. government(congress)  be called  some thing bad? A more appropriate name would be ” progress” and that also happens to be the name of futbol7’s new page. The tittle ” PROgress” is a bit of a pun, but clearly highlights the foreword, clear thinking that  it advocates.

***Danger: techie details ahead***

Being a young go getter, I decided to custom design a graphic for PROgress.( PRO capitalized to stress importance)The graphic features a beautiful reflection, as well as a subtle shadow. It rests on a aqua blue gradient background.

Update: June 11, 2008- Sorry for delay

The first thing I must address before I start this entry  is the latency of this edition of pnewb news; I really have no excuse of my lack of updating other than the fact I was on a bit of a hiatus, but I will not resume my posting.

Update: May 30, 2008-Beta?

In the world of software, there are a few terms that are shot around quite often. Probably the most common would be ” beta software”. What does “beta” mean? Essentially, it describes the maturity of the software. A lesser known term is ” alpha software”. side note: these terms are based of the greek alphabet. Alpha software is typically tested within the corporation that is manufacturing it. Alpha tests are done internally and  are not released to the public. What is a ” beta tester”? Well, once the software has matured enough to be called beta software, developers often release it to beta testers who are volunteers that run the unstable release of the software and try to identify bugs. This bug reporting is a key process in the advancement of a piece of software from alpha, beta and finally public release. Firefox users probably dipped into the world of beta testing software by using firefox 3. Version 3 underwent 5 betas. Currently,candidate one is available for download. Candidate one is essentially the finished application in the sense that the G.U.I and layout will not be altered any further, but the bugs will still be actively patched thanks to feedback from beta testers.

Update 003 May 19, 2008

Ok, gang….today’s update is going to be bite-sized(waring! chocking hazard)Here we go: I must openly admit that I did indeed make a mistake on one of the graphics I made.**see pictures** The reflection for the “about” page was incorrect. Instead of having the first letter of the reflection line up with the corresponding text,(which ir mirrors) I did the exact opposite. The end result was an unrealistic mirror reflection. I assume once I adavance in my grpahics making skills, these things will come naturally. The about page graphics has indeed been corrected. Now, you can gaze at its wonderful reflective glory.

Update 002: May 18, 2008

I have been working extremely hard on producing quality graphics for pnewb. So far, I have been able to create a elegant header, graphic for pnewb news, and the newest artwork for “sitdown poetry with J. Dempster”. Every new graphic I create will be more advanced and technically innovated than the previous one. For example, when I created the “sitdown poetry with J. Dempster” graphic, I decided to create a handmade reflection. Making reflections is a fairly difficult process because you must understand how light refracts and bends at various angles. I still have not been able to master the concept, but I am working hard on grasping this concept. Finally, the use of gradients has become much more apparent  in our graphics. The current header uses a textured gradient; this give it the natural look of stone. Using “sitdown poetry with J. Dempster” as an example, you can see the complex gradient in that image. The blue gradient slightly resembles a glossy, plasma like substance.(lightsaberish) Well, that concluded this update, be sure to refresh those RSS feed aggregators for out next update.

Update 001: May 17,2008

Pnewb is undergoing an enormous graphics overhaul. Eventually, al of the exisitng graphics(1.0) will be rejuvenated by the 2.0 version which are being rendered and created in a more professional bitmap graphics editor. In this revitalization process, there may be times where certain parmeters of the site may not display correctely.(i.e header)Please know that we are working our best to ensure that such events do not occur. Finally, I need your feedback!! Leave a comment bellow or email us.(see about page)





  1. Very good, love the new header, it’s Finally one that can just stay.

  2. I like the regular image headers better, personally

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