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Hello World! You see, here at this blog I’m surrounded by apple fanboys. It’s a menace. But for all you Microsoft Fans out there, I got a little spot on this site just for you. Aren’t you thankful?

Real Hack of The Month

Disable that nasty error reporting when a program terminates unexpectedly!

1: Go to Control Panel

2:  Go to “Performance and Maintennance”

3:  Click on System

4: Click the “Advanced Tab

5:  Click the error-reporting button at the bottom

6:  Select “Disable Error Reporting”

7: Press OK twice

Done! Hope you like this error!

Hacking Special Of The Month  THIS HACK IS IN PROGRESS, AND WILL NOT WORK. YOU CAN LOOK FOR THE KEY IF YOU WOULD LIKE, BUT I CANNOT FIND IT. If I do find it, I will post revised instructions.

Speed Up Your Browsing Speed Through an Incredibly Complicated Method That Involves Messing With Your Registry!

Ok, many people are unsatisfied with their internet speed. To improve it, someone has come up with a way to remove the task that checks for scheduled tasks in Windows.

Slow Connections are the equivelant of the Great Depression!

Step one: Go to Start-> Run

Step two:  Type in (No quotes) “Regedit”

Step three: Open up the Registry and go to :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpace

Step four:  D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF

Step five: Against all sensible reason, delete the key.

Your Browsing Speed Should Increase. Congrats!

Make your Own Fake Virus- Hacking Special Of  (Last) MonthThe first step in this process is to right-click your desktop and make a new shortcut.The second step is to name it EXACTLY “shutdown -s -t 120 -c”Now, you click next and then name it whatever you’d like. I suggest “Click Here”.You can make an icon by right clicking the application and going to properties. There should be something called “choose icon”. The internet explorer icon is towards the end of the list.There are two ways to stop this. One, is while the program is counting down, go to run and type in “shutdown -a”. It will stop it. Also, you can make a shortcut with that same command, “shutdown- a” and when you click it the countdown will halt. Refer to the video if there are any issues. Nintendo 64 Emulation:The concept of playing Nintendo 64 on a PC has been around for ages, but only within recent years has this actually been attainable. A program called project 64 makes playing your favorite Nintendo games on the computer not only possible, but also easy to do. This process is entirely safe, when it comes to installing the program. But if you choose to get your games (Which I will be referring to as ROMs) from alternate sources other than the ones that I have provided, there is a distinct possibility of getting a dreadful virus. Also, one can only legally download these games if they own the hard copies of the cartridges themselves. I in no way endorse downloading illegal games, and I also advise you to only download them if you own them.Step By Step Instructions:1) Go to and search “project 64”.2) Click the link that comes up and select the save option that will pop up.3) The program should now be on your desktop. Run it to install the program.4) Now, go to and download the cartridges that you own, and save them to a folder on your desktop. (Just a side note, this is gonna make your desktop really messy)5) Unzip the files into the same folder.6) Run Project 64 and go to File -> Open Rom. Then just go to your desktop and open the unzipped file that you want to use.Consult the video and do your best.

I report today about an outrage in the world of computing and advertising alike. These ads are the now popular “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” commercials. May I say that these commercials are very contradictory to themselves, in the idea that PC stands for “Personal Computer”. But without even looking for loopholes in the commercials, I find these ads ludicrous. Every software issue, every idea that the Mac uses against Windows is flawed and can easily be retorted to by an advanced Windows user. These commercials are also assuming that you have a Compaq Desktop 1490 running with a Pentium 2 and 256 MB of RAM. I have seen a sharp decline in this form of Mac vs PC commercial though, and have noticed a rise in the silent Macbook Air ad. This ad has been retorted to by our very own biosbooter. Just go to our oldest post, if you don’t already agree that the Macbook Air is garbage. Thank you for listening to me ramble.Exactly.Hello everyone, this update is about my favorite hacked device, the Sony PSP. Thanks to the writer of the Unlogical Sports Cubicle, I was able to use Pandora’s Battery. But in order to use the home made application Pandora’s battery, I needed to downgrade his PSP, which was a 2.70 firmware. (Very difficult to work with, by the way, but better than what I had, 3.52). So, anyway, once I had a version 1.5 PSP, the real fun began. (By the way this will only work on WINDOWS) I installed the system firmware 3.90 M33, which is almost identical to the normal 3.90 Sony firmware except that you can run homebrew software on it. Once that was done with, I installed the one and only Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP, Dadelus 64. It came with 15 classic games! The only problem was that only a small portion of my favorite games worked well (Super Smash Brothers, Mario 64) but I am very satisfied. I also installed the Windows Vista Custom skin, so now my PSP looks great too! Some people are under the false impression that Mac OS X Leopard is superior to Windows Vista. Why, you ask? They say that Vista is slow, unreliable, and copies Mac OS X. I highly disagree, because with a mac, you are basically stuck in time where you are at, because many third-party applications do not work in OS X, such as MP3myMP3, SUPER, Zune Software, and other great utilities. Windows is all about customization for your own personal needs. For example, if you are a video game designer, you will download a CAD program for windows, and use that. On a mac, you are most likely going to be stuck with Draw in Appleworks. Now, some people say that Vista is slow and unreliable. On the contrary, if you purchase a reasonable computer (Dell XPS, HP Media Center Desktop, any Gaming Computer) you will see a great improvement in results and productivity. The arguement that I will leave you with is the Media Center. It is gorgeous. End of Story. A favorite Video of mine.

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  2. Hope you like the new site update. The site has been completely redesigned. “Clean, simple, pure.” That is our motto correct? If you really think the new design is egregious, do not worry because I saved the previous into an xtml file. I can easily restore it.

    With all do respect,
    Steve( Co-founder, Blogger in chief)

  3. The statement that mac OSX has less 3rd party apps is false. How is this true? Bootcamp. With the free program bootcamp, users can run other operating systems without any hardware modifications. Essentially, when you buy OSX you are getting a OS that can run other OS’s. On a windows box, this is not possible.

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  8. This page is as ugly as the aero theme in vista. I guarantee this page will make your computer as slow as an Eniac. ewww… I bet there is nasty malware crawling around this page. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I better go back to my germ free page and watch some old macworld keynotes.

  9. LMAO at biosbooter’s comment lmao

  10. u should explain more on how u did the psp thing

  11. just a heads up! My page is under construction. I am going to redesign it from the ground up. Stay tuned

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  13. thanks thomas for finally getting the hack of the month up
    btw deleting the file to increase th browsing speed barely works

  14. i like the picture of microsoft with the gun… very interesting

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