A contemporary mix of tech and fun. Updated daily by highly educated people in various field such as Macs, PCs, and sports. We will strive to provide technical support( to the best of our ability) for free. We also care much about aesthetics here at the pnewb site. Our meticulous obsession with beauty causes us to use the most elegant font, Bookman Old style on all of our posts. Following the elegant interface, our site also creates all original graphics. This means that the images you see in our posts were designed by our aesthetic designers. We try to liven up things by including a picture or video in every single post . Our staff of magnificient writers and developers continually add more content to this site. We also pledge to be ad free. This means there are no nasty pop ups! Simple, logical and pure. Don’t forget to leave comments!  Feel free to drop us a line at: pnewbdotcom@gmail.com.For up to date ramblings, Visit biosbooter’s twitter page:  http://twitter.com/biosbooter and chemboy’s at http://www.twitter.com/chemboy! 

Use OpenDNS





  2. Our email address does not work well all of the time try aol. It is better.

  3. Give me a name and i’ll make a new email. I’ll be head of resources!


  5. Hey guys,

    Great website, although I’m interested in neither politics or technology. Good luck keeping it running. Have fun.


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