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4 more posts until….

Before, I was just skimming through the worpress dashboard looking to see how many posts we have mande since pnewb was launched. I was shocked when I saw that there was 195 published posts. This post will mark the 196th post, which leaves only 4 more posts until #200. So, something special must surely be done for this landmark 200th post. I just haven’t figured that out yet. Ideas?

Posted by: optionshiftk | September 20, 2008


Since the begining, the name of this site has been pnewb. Yes, it was called “random ramblings”, but the domain name has always remained Recentely, I have been thinking long and hard about the choice of name; pnewb is a rather arcane name and most people are left scratching their heads. The concept of “rebranding” has been on my mind. Maybe if I were to change the name, I could get more of an audience, or at least satisfy the few. Now, I know what you(whoever that may be) is thinking. “why do you even bother to blog at pnewb? No one even looks at the site, let alone cares about “rebranding!” Well, I just find myself finding it hard to say goodbye to this blog. So many post, so many memories. It comes down to passion. My passon for this blog has been very high, even now I still care about this blog. The key to any sucessful blog is volume of posts, and time. Blogs do not typically last that long, as highlited in the book Naked Conversations by mega-blogger Robert Scoble.

Well, I can not think of a decent ending for this post so I leave you with a very funny youtube video(see below)

Posted by: optionshiftk | September 20, 2008

“dead as my friend’s magsafe!”

For the second time since I got my macbook, I have had to hike up(not literally) to my local Apple store and plead at the “genius” bar for a repair to my macbook. The first trip was for a crack in the case of my macbook, it turns out to be a common issue or defect. This time, it was for a macbook magsafe power adapter.

First, I made an appointment via the Apple concierge servie. I arrived and had to wait for about 30 mins because I arrived early. Eventually, I was sitting down at the “bar” with an Apple Geinius. He examined the magsafe connecotr and tried it out on the stores macbook pro that was used only for “testing purposes”, or at least that is what the label said. When he acknowledged that the magsafe was dead, he asked for some info and then gave me a new one. Quite a satiifying experince.

Had my macbook not been under its standard 1-year warranty, I would have had to choke up a whopping $79 dollars for a power adapter!!! Why? Well, because Apple has an almighty patent on this “magsafe” technology which provides a secure connection, all while being “trip” proof. That’s all fine and dandy, but when it comes to connivence and cost, I would rather have a dinky standard AC/DC power adapter. Thanks Apple.

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Pnewb is dead?

I sit hear on my stabliity ball( Don’t ask) contemplating my decision to end pnewb. It was more than a week ago that I wrote the “final post” It has since been followed up by two posts. Still, I am debating whether I should continue and keep the blog alive. Yes, the readers are few, but I still need a place to dump my ideas, and share intresting things.



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Should we go on?

I still have many fond memories of the nostalgic days when pnewb was alive and kick’n. Those days are long gone now, but do they have to be? Time after time, I have had the urge to write a blog post about something, but had not arena in which to do it. Call it a resurrection, call it a pity, but I a seriously considering bringing back pnewb. Yes, the reader are few to none, but it is still a good mental exercise to write blog posts. What do you guys think?

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Hooray, 15,000 hits

Bittersweet, but alas, two or three weeks after pnewb dies, another hit milestone is reached. I guess people still access the content of the site. I saw some chicken cocksalot guy or whatever comment on some book. (you are so cool man) Me, I just check on the site every now and then.

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The Last Post

I never thought I would be sitting here tonight putting my first ever weblog to rest. In recent months, the infastructure fell apart and the site ceased to be updated. Whether it was form a lack of passion or simply indifference, I would just like to thank everyone who participated in this learning experience. 

     On its day of launch, pnewb ( originally known as random ramblings) set out to be a collabotive effort between friends. It eventually grew roots and later included third parties. Arguments ocasionally arrised, but we always managed to continue on with the blog despite competion and critisim. That is something whichis extremely rare among the tubes of the web.

 Now, let’s get to the issues: I do not  feel it is nessasary or apprporate to “shut down” pnewb. I will leave the website in its current condition. All of the wonderfu posts and content will reamin universally accesible. I would have no problem with a “rebirth” or resurection of the site, whoever is up to that has  my best wishes. 

   Again, I sincerely thank all the participants and contributors to pnewb because without you none of this would have been possible. 

                                                                                               Best wishes, Steve(biosbooter)

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fraudulent superstitions about online security


Among the slew of things that irk me, the myth that online commerce is not secure agitates me the most.  The skeptics claim that purchasing online is much riskier and susceptible to fraud then the “analog” form of commerce.  

Security experts agree that purchasing online is safer or equivalent to going to a brick and mortar store. There is a caveat…..preliminary steps must be taken to ensure the validity of a e-commerce site: The most important is to make sure that the site you   are logged on to is encrypted. SSL(secure sockets layer) is the technology developed to encrypt webpages so the bad guys can not snoop. Most modern browsers display a “lock icon” in the upper right-hand corner which indicates a secure webpage.

****Recently, a newer standard has been developed called “ extended certification” which is  essentially a much improved version of SSL. Firefox 3, IE, ad opera support EV certs, but the wonderful safari browser is still lagging behind. ******

The biggest chink- in disbeliever’s chain is there lack of knowledge. The skeptics are clueless and have no sense of the anatomy of security technologies. This is the thing that really get me angry because the is such an abundance of knowledge floating around on the web. If people want to learn how SSL or EV certs work than Google it!!!!! People do not learn by osmosis, so it is our job’s to teach each other how this “stuff” works. Remember, technology is here to help civilization,not confuse people. 

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New post will be out later today.

New post will be out later today….not to worry.

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zane savage live


In the past year or so, there has been a boom among live video streaming websites. What seemed nearly impossible 5-10 years ago is now one simple user account registration form away. About 75 percent of live video streams online are complete and total rubbish, but every so soften you catch a real gem. That gem  for me was  zane savage. 

His name alone is something that interests most people….it is a bit exotic. Who is he? Zane Savage streams live video on every thursday night from 8pm to 6pm.(central time)  This is a continuous 10 hour marathon. Simply amazing. Check him out at zane

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