Posted by: optionshiftk | October 22, 2008

An open letter to Apple

Below is a letter(email) I sent to apple feedback and also to Steve Jobs:

“I was tremendously astounded when I discovered that itunes did not support the FLAC format. FLAC has become somewhat of a ubiquitous and popular format.(especially for independent artists) It is also clear that the lack of FLAC support is simply because of stubbornness. There is clearly no technical reason that itunes has excluded support for FLAC audio files. This egotistical obsession of regulating supported formats drives many, many customers away from itunes, which in turn leads to dissatisfied and disgruntled customers who take their business elsewhere. I’m afraid that I will have to advise people from now own to stray away form the “Gestapo” that is itunes. Simply ridiculous. I am now a disgruntled itunes user and customer. I used to think Apple was better than that, but I guess once a company grows, they think the customer is unimportant. “


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