Posted by: optionshiftk | October 20, 2008

The situation that is pnewb(redux?)

As many of you know, I wrote a post a while back proclaiming that pnewb was dead and there would be no further post in the future. I find myself now eating my own words as I have been totally Hippocratical about this whole situation. The bottom line is there really will be no definable end to pnewb. Rather a long period of no updates. You see, back in early September when I got bored, I decided to start blogging on pnewb once again, I even wrote a post discussing the possibility of posting each and every day. Sadly, this has not yet materialized and probably never will. So, if you are actually reading this post, I thank you because you are probably the only legit traffic besides the spammer. For now, I say goodbye, but I shall return when I am bored and want to post something.



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