Posted by: optionshiftk | October 2, 2008

My notes for the Palin/Biden vice presidential Debate

  • All notes appear in Chronological order
  • Gwen iffil-Moderator-PBS-writting book about Obama
  • Biden speaks first: Bashes bush-Brings up Obama’s policy
  • Brings up simile(kid’s soccer game)-reiterates what Biden said-brings up Mccain policy-bashes Biden-praises Mccain
  • Biden: brings up his history in senate-says Mccain said economy was strong(two mondays ago) “out of touch”
  • Palin: brings up time as governor and Mccain policy-bashes obama”90 percent of votes along party lines”-emphasizes bipartisan politics.
  • Palin: looks directly into camera-does not look at Biden-Biden looks at palin
  • Biden: compares Obama to Mccain-Biden not looking at camera, but moderator.
  • Biden: Mccain voted 477
  • Palin: I’m not gonna answer the questions how the mod says-Time up
  • Biden: “Middle class economic engine”
  • Palin: small businesses will be affected by the 250 thousand tax -Gwen asks about support for Mccains healthcare-Palin nails it
  • Biden: 95% of small business make less then 95 thousand a year-how Mccain pays for health care “taxes healthcare benefit”-20 million will be dropped-
  • Palin: Obama voted for oil company tax breaks-palin repeats herself-Gwen asks question to Palin
  • Biden-:John Mccain wants 4 billion in tax cuts for the exxon mobiles of the world-
  • Palin: brings up stopping partisan politics again-says main street multiple times-
  • Biden: Obama pointed out that there was a sub-prime mortgage crisis-bashes Mccain-
  • Palin: brings up energy again-stresses energy independence-epic win-700 billion into foreign countries for oil-“energy independence is the key to America’s future”- Gwen asks about climate change issue-Palin believes in it-won’t address the causes-starts to ramble
  • Biden: Gets asked the same question-cause is man made- 3% of the world’s oil reserves-Nuclear and clean coal-Mccain voted 20 times against alternative energy sources-
  • Palin: Natural gas pipeline in alaska-“All of the above approach”-
  • Biden: no distinction between same sex and heterosexual-same constitutional
  • Palin: Palin against same sex-shaky-“tolerant”-Don’t support redefining marriage-
  • Biden: Biden against redefining definition-
  • Both have son on the way or in Iraq
  • Palin: Biden and Obama voted against funding for soldiers-travesty if we quit now in Iraq
  • Biden: rebuttal about not funding troops- got to have a timeline-10 billion a month on war-John Mccain no end in sight
  • Palin: White flag of surrender- very vague description of when the war will end-Biden has nervous tick: laughs and smiles and looks at moderator
  • Useless commentary about iran and other things
  • Palin: Moderator asks about what candidates think about talking with enemies-
  • Biden: rebuttal to Palin’s comment-John Mccain said he would not sit down with Spain-
  • Palin: A two-state solution is the solution-comittment is there to work with friends in israel
  • Biden: references himself in third person-
  • Palin: Both love Israel-
  • Biden: How is Mccains policy going to be different than George Bushes-repeats himself multiple times-stresses point
  • Palin: rebuttals Mccain=Bush reference- criticizes comment
  • Biden: 3 weeks in Iraq-7 years in Afghanistan- shaky on facts
  • Biden: repeats himself-
  • Palin: nails rebuttal
  • Biden: Rebuttal to the John Mccain strategy in this war-absolutely wrong from  the outset
  • Palin: Rebuttal is extremely weak
  • Moderator: brings up death of Obama or Mccain
  • Biden: addresses what happens if Obama were to die-most important election since 1942
  • Palin- Brings up what would happen if Mccain dies- both mavericks-continue his work- much weaker response as compared to Biden’s response-repeats herself
  • Biden: Spends a lot of time in Home Depot-talks about middle class and his old neighborhood
  • Palin: gives a shout out to third grade class, audience laughs-discusses education-Moderator brings up how Palin idd not know what a vice president does- Palin says it was a lame attempt at a joke.
  • Biden: Says Chenyney is the most dangerous VP in US history-major putdown-idea that VP is part of the legislative branch is bogus.
  • Palin: can’t have a debate without a reagan reference.
  • Biden: get emotional-refrences son  and wife-
  • Moderator: asks final question: a policy issue that the candidate had to change-revelation
  • Debate Over

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