Posted by: optionshiftk | September 21, 2008

Chaos has struck!

More and more, I have been doing the majority of my reading via Google reader. Previously, I had often viewed RSS as dumb and pointless, but that was before I fully understood the power and ubiquity of the technology. I now consider myself an “RSS” evangelist which is a bit hypocritical compared to my previous views. In any event, the purpose of today’s post had to do with a weekly computer/technology column written by Jerry Pournelle.

For those of you unfamiliar,Jerry Pournelle is a highly acclaimed science-fiction writer who pioneered the art. He had maintained a column for Byte magazine(now defunct) since 1982 until he parted ways in 2006. Thanks to the web, Mr. Pournelle was able to keep his legendary column alive on his website Chaos manor reviews. Each week, Jerry writes about technology, gadgets, software, and many other things in a long-form column. When you read his column, you feel like you are directly talking to Jerry. This sense of intimacy between the reader, is accomplished from his top-knotch writing,and his roots as a science fiction writer. It is truly a remarkable publication.

A while back, I embedded a video featuring Jerry Pournelle and scientist Durk Pearsons interviewed by the late Tom Snyder. In the post I said that Pournelle’s vision for the future of technology and his early prediction of what would become the web was brilliant. This type of visionary thinking is what I have come to appreciate from Jerry and his chaos manor column. Truly remarkable.

Join the chaos:


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