Posted by: optionshiftk | September 20, 2008


Since the begining, the name of this site has been pnewb. Yes, it was called “random ramblings”, but the domain name has always remained Recentely, I have been thinking long and hard about the choice of name; pnewb is a rather arcane name and most people are left scratching their heads. The concept of “rebranding” has been on my mind. Maybe if I were to change the name, I could get more of an audience, or at least satisfy the few. Now, I know what you(whoever that may be) is thinking. “why do you even bother to blog at pnewb? No one even looks at the site, let alone cares about “rebranding!” Well, I just find myself finding it hard to say goodbye to this blog. So many post, so many memories. It comes down to passion. My passon for this blog has been very high, even now I still care about this blog. The key to any sucessful blog is volume of posts, and time. Blogs do not typically last that long, as highlited in the book Naked Conversations by mega-blogger Robert Scoble.

Well, I can not think of a decent ending for this post so I leave you with a very funny youtube video(see below)


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