Posted by: optionshiftk | September 20, 2008

“dead as my friend’s magsafe!”

For the second time since I got my macbook, I have had to hike up(not literally) to my local Apple store and plead at the “genius” bar for a repair to my macbook. The first trip was for a crack in the case of my macbook, it turns out to be a common issue or defect. This time, it was for a macbook magsafe power adapter.

First, I made an appointment via the Apple concierge servie. I arrived and had to wait for about 30 mins because I arrived early. Eventually, I was sitting down at the “bar” with an Apple Geinius. He examined the magsafe connecotr and tried it out on the stores macbook pro that was used only for “testing purposes”, or at least that is what the label said. When he acknowledged that the magsafe was dead, he asked for some info and then gave me a new one. Quite a satiifying experince.

Had my macbook not been under its standard 1-year warranty, I would have had to choke up a whopping $79 dollars for a power adapter!!! Why? Well, because Apple has an almighty patent on this “magsafe” technology which provides a secure connection, all while being “trip” proof. That’s all fine and dandy, but when it comes to connivence and cost, I would rather have a dinky standard AC/DC power adapter. Thanks Apple.



    But seriously the DC jack on my laptop is just nasty. I had to disassemble it, order new part, solder it on, and bleh

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