Posted by: optionshiftk | August 5, 2008

fraudulent superstitions about online security


Among the slew of things that irk me, the myth that online commerce is not secure agitates me the most.  The skeptics claim that purchasing online is much riskier and susceptible to fraud then the “analog” form of commerce.  

Security experts agree that purchasing online is safer or equivalent to going to a brick and mortar store. There is a caveat…..preliminary steps must be taken to ensure the validity of a e-commerce site: The most important is to make sure that the site you   are logged on to is encrypted. SSL(secure sockets layer) is the technology developed to encrypt webpages so the bad guys can not snoop. Most modern browsers display a “lock icon” in the upper right-hand corner which indicates a secure webpage.

****Recently, a newer standard has been developed called “ extended certification” which is  essentially a much improved version of SSL. Firefox 3, IE, ad opera support EV certs, but the wonderful safari browser is still lagging behind. ******

The biggest chink- in disbeliever’s chain is there lack of knowledge. The skeptics are clueless and have no sense of the anatomy of security technologies. This is the thing that really get me angry because the is such an abundance of knowledge floating around on the web. If people want to learn how SSL or EV certs work than Google it!!!!! People do not learn by osmosis, so it is our job’s to teach each other how this “stuff” works. Remember, technology is here to help civilization,not confuse people. 


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