Posted by: optionshiftk | July 19, 2008

Why I quit Facebok


Why I quit facebook
My passionate hate for social networks began as far back as I can remember. I guess I never really understood the social psyche. To me,facebookmyspace, and social networking sites alike are too telling. These sites provide a virtual Rolodex of deeply personal information, such as a persons address or phone number.  Another thing that griped me is the bizarre pictures that get posted on user’s profiles. It seems all sense of taste and decency gets lost when users decide to upload pictures of them selves striking rather tasteless poses. From day one, none of this appealed to me. The sluggish performance and unresponsive behavior of facebook caught me shouting at my computer screen in anger  time after time. The real last straw of my quest on this less than pleasing site was the flood of messages for this, and that. The constant request for installing buggy apps, or accepting friend invitations epitomizes my point. So, I finally quit. Just as easily as I signed up….I quit. Heck, it was fun!!! You should try it!(cue awkward enthusiasm)
    What is next?: twitter and friend feed.  Yes, they are not as vast and expansive as facebook, but then again that is a godsend. People should not know more about me than I know about myself.( ok, that does not make sense, but sure sounds good) What I love about twitter and FF is the conversation. FF in particular build a mini forum around your ramblings, or shared media files. I have no problem with strangers digesting my thoughts and ramblings, it just creeps me out when they know where I live and could recite my favorite color or food……not for me. To summarize: Nuke your facebook account, then sign up for twitter( super easy) and discover great content. 




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