Posted by: optionshiftk | July 12, 2008

Web 2.0 has brought us an abundance of neat webapps and  services that offer what some would consider “useless”  functionality. The site I have been playing with recently is called Wakoopa.( I do not know how to pronounce it either) Wakoopa lives both on the web and desktop. Its purpose it to track what applications you have and currently are using. This may seem like an obtrusive service, but it is kinda neat once you get used to it.

To get started you must make a free account that requires no more than the standard user name,password, and an email address. Once your account is created all you need to do is download a light-weight pice of software( mac&pc) that tracks your activity then beams it up to the web and provides a real-time snapshot of what apps you are using on your public profile. You do not need to get stressed out about people “spying” on you because the website only provides the app you used, it does not give info on what you did with the app. For example if you are browsing the web with firefox, the tracker will not collect info on what sites you have visited.  

The Ui is quite sleek and is easy to navigate around. On your profile page, the site will automatically compile the apps you have used into sub-categories.  One of the categories is “top ten”. This category calculates the average of the most used applications and sorts them accordingly. 

If you want part socail network, part semi-useful website you should defiantly take a look at Wakoopa.( ah…that name is NOT English.)


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