Posted by: optionshiftk | June 30, 2008

on the topic of simplifying the internet and RSS

In the past few months, I have been absorbing an enormous amount of blogs via RSS aggregator Google Reader. I treat the various blogs I read the same way I would read a book or newspaper article, that is with an enormous amount of interest as well a genuine focus. It seems that often online or electronic based writing or ” blogging” has been treated with very little respect, which is partly due to the fact that many still regard the computer and internet as a toy for amusement, that is IM’ing friends or watching dumb little videos on youtube of a dog riding a skateboard. I’ll admit, I used to have this warped, one-dimensional view of what computers were meant for…but now I have a much more mature attitude toward the capabilities of the web. The turning point in all this for me was using an RSS aggregator like google reader. RSS( really simple syndication) is protocol that allows users to have a “feed” of his or her favorite web-site which they can then plug in to a program( web based or desktop) called an ” RSS aggregator”. This process is done mostly for convenience, especially for those of us who consume dozens of blogs and news sites.
The term blog really gets in the way of things. Part of the reason people have such trouble getting used to technology is that there are an enormous amount of arcane terms thrown at them with little explanation. I happen to be a big supporter of digesting these seemingly complex terms into a much homier form. For example, I have been a huge advocate of dropping the “E” off of E-mail. At this point, the internet and  electronic mail use is so much so that “E” is too much of an eye sore. Admittedly it would onset a minor haze of confusion, but as is the case with many terms( mainly slang)
I guess I got on a bit of a tangent in the previous paragraph…..I will be honest….I have not grand plan that will let me swiftly end this rant…so I am going to end it with out dear old friend of punctuational joy, the period. 


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