Posted by: optionshiftk | June 28, 2008

The cell phone predicament

In today’s market, cell phones are the most widely used electronic devices. Think about that. Imagine you are on a busy street corner in new york city, people are buzzing around, cars are honking, bicyclist are ringing there bells. It is likely each of those pedestrians is carrying a cell phone of some sort. It may be an old, decrepit analog with a B&W display or it may be the hip Apple iphone. There seems to be no age barrier for cell phone users. Increasingly, young children are being handed cell phones!  Why am I so analytical about this less than interesting topic?  Simply for the reason that cell phone companies are essentially robbing people of their money. No, they are not assaulting them with golf cubs or poking them with daggers, but manipulating customers.
Cell phone companies charge outrageous prices for an imaginary commodity. When I use the term ” imaginary commodity I am talking about the “talk time” or “minutes” that customers pay for. Typically, the talk time plans are offered as a tiered service rather than an ” all you can eat” type offering. This option makes sense for water or other physical commodities, but it is completely insane to do for binary bits! Here is a secret cell phone companies do not want you to know: If a user talks for ten minutes or one-thousand minutes it does not cost the phone company a greater sum of money…why should you have to pay more?! So, when you look at the tiered service plans, you are looking at a table of merely the same things being charged more for simply for the label of a numerical value.

Yes, it does cost a considerable amount of money for the mobile phone providers to build and maintain a stable infrastructure, but the astronomical fee’s imposed upon the users does not measure up with the cost of maintenance and expansion.  The only term I could think to characterize the mobile phone providers is greed!
So, why do millions of Americans stand for such a corrupt system? I do not get it! This has irked me for years!!!



  1. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. This post is junk!

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