Posted by: optionshiftk | June 26, 2008

social networking: my thoughts

For years, I had been a fervent protester of social networks, but recently put my  ego aside and decided to expand my web 2.0 palette. My starting point in the social networking jungle was twitter, the short messaging service. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the connectivity that twitter has instilled me with. Looking back, I most defiantly have benefitted socially and mentally from twitter.

Just the other day, I decided to make a facebook account. This was partly caused by insistent nagging by friends of mine. I had setup a facebook account previous to my current one, but it was far from serous, with  a phony name, and Bill Gates as my one and only friend.( cue sad music) The isolation has ended( at least online) for me and now I have an array of facebook friends whom I personally know. 

Now, I am taunted by fun of finding nifty little widgets and applications to put on my dumb little facebook profile.( there may be a more in depth post on my app recommendations in the future) It seems I have fallen victim to the common additions that have plagued so many other facebook users. My additions have been promoted even more so with the seamless integration with the flock web browser( possible future post) so, I leave you all with a positive, and optimistic view of the future of the internet as a social tool rather than being limited to a tool for research. My suggestion would be to put aside your bias and derogatory thoughts, and simply create a social networking account of some sort,( I recommend twitter for starters) then spread the word and encourage you friends to get connected.





  1. I was reluctant to make an account as well, but I can now see why people like social networking sites. They’re useful and interesting.

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