Posted by: optionshiftk | June 19, 2008

Boomarking: Revision

The concept of bookmarking has been an integral part of web browsers since there  even their earliest conception in the late 90’s.  Web browsers have evolved greatly from their early ancestors like netscape or mosaic, but one thing has not changed; bookmarking is still( for many people) an archaic process of just hitting the “bookmark this page” button without any sense of organization.
I will admit, I once was subservient to unorganized bookmarking, but I have since evolved. Now, I have my bookmarks separated into systematic folders that have a specific category.(view) One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to organize bookmarks( and items in general)  is having a ” miscellaneous folder” Sure, this folders sounds neat and handy at first, but in reality shatters the principals of organization. What ends of happening( sorry for going on a tangent)  is you start to adopt a brain dead form of bookmarking(purely for initial c)in which you place the items in this non-specific miscellaneous folder.
Now that I have covered the concept of bookmark organization, I bet you( the reader) is wondering how to implement it. At first, it may seem arcane to form folders for bookmarks, but nearly every prominent web browser( firefox 3, safari and I.E for sure) have the built in ability to create folders and even sub-folders. My experience with making folders is mainly based on the firefox and safari system, I have not poked around very much with internet explorer. Go into the bookmarking tab on your browser(view), and look for the option” organize bookmarks” this should open a “juke-box” like windows containing all of your bookmarks.(view) Within this window, you will  be able to create your folders. Once the folders have been established, save the site you want to bookmark into the relevant folder It is that simple.


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