Posted by: optionshiftk | June 16, 2008

Firefox 3: Detriments

In the past, I have been a huge advocate of the safari web browsers, often boosting that it was the best web browser available on the Macintosh. This was all true back before firefox 3 was born. You see, in the pre-firefox 3 days, us mac users were plagued with the terrible firefox 2 browser. Firefox 2 was prone to superfluous memory leaks, and a non-native user interface. With firefox 3, mozilla has completely refreshed the browser, updating it with a plethora of new features, and the new iteration of the gecko rendering engine.
Growing up with safari on the mac, I do miss some elements that firefox 3 still does not deliver and most likely never will.  I thought it would be appropriate to make a little list with my semi-ridiculous complaints.

Things I don’t like about Firefox 3:

No preview of PDF functionality available.

Explanation: By default, Firefox opens the PDF with preview(mac) or Adobe Reader(pc) The safari browser offers the ability to read the PDF via the web browser.
Less advance rendering engine( visually speaking)

Explanation:The Gecko rendering engine does not support many of the CSS as the webkit rendering engine used by the safari web browser.
FUBAR downloads folder( by default)

Explanation:By default, firefox 3 saves downloads tot he desktop instead of in the downloads folder. This can be easily modified in the browser preferences.
Cluttered bookmarks manager

Explanation: Firefox comes preloaded with three bookmark folders, Bookmark toolbar, Bookmark menu, and an oddball “unfilled bookmarks”.(view) Safari has superior bookmark management with its itunes like library functionality.
No bookmark toolbar animations

Explanation: Dragging bookmarked sites with the toolbar is a bit lackluster, (view)as comaperd to the cute animations made by safari. Super unimportant and picky I know.
Pre-loaded with lame bookmarks( Advertising)

Explanation: Firefox has an array of pre-loaded bookmarks that seem to be an incentive for companies or websites to pay a money. In essence, it is a form of advertising which bother me.

What I Like Most

Speedy java/flash rendering( one of the pitfalls of safari)



  1. Meh, I still prefer Opera to any other browser

  2. IE all the way!!

  3. IE is a gateway to all viruses. It is by far the worst browser.

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