Posted by: jeffd445 | June 14, 2008


Without a doubt, MP3 players (ipods, zunes, etc.) are one of the best inventions of the 21st century. The ability to have all of your favorite music, and even tv shows, movies, and photos at your disposal is a luxury most of us have come too far to live without now.

A very overlooked aspect of one’s listening experience is the quality of the headphones or earbuds being used. Most will just take what is given to them with their ipod. I would call those earbuds decent, but I have seen the light in that regard. I now see a gap in quality between certain headphones.

Today we gave my dad an early Father’s Day present, after overhearing that he’d broken his fifth or sixth pair of headphones in the last year or so. It was a pair of Bose earbuds, worth $99.95 in stores. Ever since we got those for him, I was waiting for Father’s Day about as much as he probably was, wanting to see how they sounded. I wasn’t disappointed when it was my turn to test them out. Bose is superior in every manner to its competitors. The quality and comfort are worth the money.

When you put on the Bose headphones, it feels like there’s barely anything in your ear; contrary to some other brands, where you have to jam the bud in your ear, and it hurts bad when you take it out. The sound quality of Bose is 100% crystal clear. The songs are purer, and such sound quality makes your listening experience much more satisfying. You can hear every note of every instrument in the song. Also, you can hear some instruments in some songs that you’d never hear otherwise. You’ve probably heard that Bose products have excellent bass. Well, it’s true. For example, if you turn your music loud, you get a miniscule version of that feeling in your chest whenever a low note is played or a bass beats. I’m talking about the feeling in your chest you get when you stand next to a blasting speaker at a party or something.

Anyway, good quality headphones are worth the extra money. You get much more enjoyment overall out of listening to music. Now, I can’t go back to average headphones; I need to get a hold of my own pair of Bose.



  1. Let me fist say that was an excellent review. I consider myself an audiophile, and have a sensitive ear when it comes to music. Bose are considered to the the mercedes or ( insert name of well know expensive merchant here) of audio products. The only problem with bose is of course their high price. Question: Do you like earbuds better, or over-the ear full size headphones?

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