Posted by: optionshiftk | June 13, 2008

New media: who needs it?( abridged)


    As mentioned in previous posts, I have abandoned traditional media in an effort to explore the exciting world of new media. “ New media”  is an umbrella term that describes any content distributed via the internet. One of the most successful examples of the new media revolution is Revsion 3, a company who produces a number of shows and distributes them on the web. Why is all this so important? Well, it may very well be the next-generation of entertainment, just as television was in the 50’s.

What is the reason for the shift away from television? Traditional media’s biggest pitfall has always been the passiveness of the viewers. Many people use television as background noise. So, those are just some of my thoughts and I hope that I have sparked an interest in you to get involved in the new media revolution.

   Ramblings on media will  continue in future posts.



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