Posted by: optionshiftk | June 8, 2008

Awesome nerdy documentry

Video games, the geeky sensation that has been sweeping the nation since the early 80’s.The King of Kong is a documentary focused on the classic arcade game donkey kong. Donkey kong, created by Shigeru Miyamoto,  was one of nintendo’s first hits. The 2D side scrolling linear game  has been dubbed the most difficult classic video game ever.



Surprisingly, this documentary is not only for geeks. It is a movie about pure skill and dedication.  The two main contenders in this film are Billy mitchell a video game guru, and Steve Wiebe, a compulsive  weirdo. The to champs battle each other out until the end. The film constantly keeps you glued with its dazzling timeline filming technique. Billy Mitchell has racked up  many awards for highest scores in games like pac man,( he is currently the only person that has ever completely beat the game) and Donkey Kong.  Steve Wiebe on the other hand was a no name. The middle man in this captivating story is a video game judge. This man is the founder of what is considered the most accurate and trusted scoring association the world, twin galaxies. . At times the film seems much like a mocumentry. This is probably due to the  over the top characters. 


This film is  rated PG. My discretion tells me this movie is appropriate for all ages. No bad language or sex, this movie is about devotion. Yes, there is a skill and dedication to classic video games. The runtime is  79 minutes which feels just right. With all things considered, this witty documentary  is inspiring and fascinating.





  1. Actually, Donkey Kong wasn’t a sidescroller game because the screen stood still and sidn’t scroll side to side. It’s a 2D Platformer.

  2. my bad

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