Posted by: rohanb7 | June 6, 2008

New Page

After recent events, I have decided to make a new page here at pnewb. You may know me from writing the once popular Half-Logical Sports Cubicle that was recently discontinued due to shortage of time and uselessness.  It will include thoughtful ideas, opinions, and information that I would like to share with the world. One day, it will be the most visited page anywhere on the internet (note: I said one day, not today). I would like you all to read this new page that will be entitled<insert creative name designed by biosbooter here>. The first article in this page will be about the U.S. Climate bill that was dropped by congress on Friday.

I hope you all enjoy this new page coming soon. 



  1. I am thrilled to see some positive momentum on our site. I promise I will think of a name soon enough……..

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