Posted by: jeffd445 | June 3, 2008

Another awesome song that pretty much everyone likes

The intro is really good and the guitar is like the best ever. This video I found encourages you to sing along. I just took it because it had the original version of the song. The video doesn’t play the whole song, I don’t think.



  1. Great song! Instantly, I knew I had heard the song before, but simply failed to remember the artist or tittle. This song would be appropriate for a late night road trip. you know, it has a cadence that would ease a drowsy mind.( that is kind of the way I felt)
    Jeff, you seem to have a great taste of music that can please nearly ant audience. You should make a list a some point featuring songs that you find pleasing to most people. I will probably end up buying this song.( as did I with your other song pick)

  2. Steven, it’s Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns & Roses
    I knew it within 2 seconds of the song

    the song itself isn’t bad but it’s a very overrated song. G&R have had many better songs than this

  3. Every band has had great songs that are ignored, like Queen, whose known songs include We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. In reality their best songs include Seven Seas of Rhye, Bohemian Rhapsody and many others. The same can be said to Billy Joel. People only know Piano Man and We Didn’t Start the Fire, but what ever happened to Leningrad, Captain Jack, and The Entertainer?

    The list goes on…

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