Posted by: epicwes | May 31, 2008

Notice: Change in Console Rundown page

Most of you have probably forgotten about my gaming review of consoles. I haven’t updated it lately because, well, I forgot. I’ve been busy and it has slipped my mind when I have time to continue. Maybe someday I’ll finish it up, like over the summer when I have free time. But for now, I’ve decided to change it to a new Section.

Gaming and Movies

Gaming and movies are probably the two things I know most about. I’ll be reporting on new games that come out and reviewing some that already released. I’ve already made one movie review (for Superhero Movie) and just 10 minutes ago I got home from seeing Iron Man, which I plan to write a review for tomorrow. So as of now, that page will be updated somewhat frequently. I hope it will help in making pnewb regain some activity.



  1. I am delighted to see that you are venturing into a new genre of writing that should appeal to a broader audience which may hinder more readers. In regards to the console rundown, I have been eagerly awaiting the conclusion, but understand your predicament. It seems time is never on anyones side despite what The Rolling Stones preached about.(see

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