Posted by: nybrave08 | May 30, 2008

New York vs. Boston

I recently have taken trips to both The Greatest City on Earth, and Boston, so I figured why not write a little article comparing the two. Note that I don’t say that one is better, I’m just comparing.

I’m gonna start out with Boston, since I was there most recently. Boston’s main pro’s are the calm atomosphere and historical prescence. The city’s size also makes it very manageable, and you can do almost everything in a week or two. There’s the aquairium, the science museum, Fenway, and some historical landmarks to check out. There is also the Freedom Trail, which is wonderful to walk on if you ever have the time to do so. And there’s also Boston’s signature brick look and many restaurants. The people are pretty friendly, but nothing special.

Now for New York. New York is just enormous, and Boston could fit in just one of its districts, Manhattan. There’s no possible way to see it all, even if you lived there your entire life. New York has a distinct fast-paced lifestyle in contrast to the almost slow and calm lives of Bostonians. New York is also famous for its “Open ‘Til Late” attitude. The only real historical monuments are the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, so the city basically focuses on its modern feel. The most apparent form of the modernness are the gigantic glass skyscrapers, which Boston lacks. Then again, compared to the Big City, all cities lack in skyscrapers.

Neither city is officially better, but I will say that I personally prefer New York. Quite honestly, I just think there’s much more to do.

New York, just a small portion of it.



  1. One of the things Boston lacks is diversity. You see, NY is a melting pot composed of unique ethnicities who each tell an interesting tale ; however, Boston is a bit more traditional in the sense that their population is still largely ruled by irish-Americans. That is not to say there are no Asian, Hispanic or(insert ethnic group here), but it seems these minorities are not as well accepted or respected as compared to the traditional Bostonians( irish-american) Therefore, I concur that NY is a more humble, loving city . SECOND GREATEST CITY: Boston

  2. Boston is just so much cleaner and fresher overall than New York. It’s also much less crowded. For every person you see walking the streets of Boston, there’d be 15 people walking in New York. New York does have more diversity and excitement, but to me, Boston’s better.

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