Posted by: optionshiftk | May 24, 2008

Content is king!( short post)

One thing I have always struggled with is expressing my opinions, beliefs, and rants in an effective and meaningful way. Some find writing the most effective medium, but I have always struggled with converting my fervent opinions into text. Speaking is a much more natural medium for me(biosbooter). It is easier for me to talk to someone about a topic via verbal communication, rather than preparing a 1 dimensional sheet of text. I assume this preference is an innate, not acquired . So, my inquiry is do you find it easier to communicate orally or via text?



  1. Text. I dislike the sound of my own voice, and writing makes it easier to use facny vocabulary and larger sentences without sounding like a douche. I mean seriously, would any of you who know me really think I would go and say something like the sentence above out?

  2. Brandon was right, you should go outside or something. You must’ve thought this one up for hours.

  3. Ha Ha

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