Posted by: jeffd445 | May 19, 2008

My first semi-meaningful contribution to pnewb

After collecting some virtual dust in my itunes, I played this song about two weeks ago, and never knew how much I liked it. Also, I never knew how much everybody else liked it. It’s friendly to many tastes of music, and the lyrics are deep and the guitar is easy on the ears. (ok Steven, tune up your instruments) Unfortunately, the video’s terrible.



  1. Jeff, you are a heck of a salesmen; you convinced me to purchase this song,(yes,only the song) which is not easy for me considering I have a habit of buying whole albums at a time. Now, I can listen to this song in 256 kb ps un-protected MP3 audio glory. Whoooowhoooo!!! un!!!

  2. Note to RIAA: Sorry for promoting the illegally distributed copyrighted song via youtube. Remember, Jeffd445 not biosbooter.

  3. I have always liked this song

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