Posted by: jeffd445 | May 17, 2008

Sitdown celebrity poetry with J. Dempster- part 6



An Ode to Mrs. Spears


What the heck’s up with your daughters?


They’re never by your side


I couldn’t raise more screwed up kids


Even if I tried


Jamie Lynn is pregnant


Britney is on crack


If they both had swords


They’d probably thrust them up your back


Don’t disown these kids


They’re probably good deep down


Maybe someone should put you up for adoption


You psychotic, bad-parenting clown


-I don’t have any other poem ideas, so as of now, there’ll be no more of them. [please hold back your tears, if you get them on your keyboard it might break.]





  1. (cue hysterical crying) That was BEAUTIFUL!(cue the sarcasm)

  2. Britany is like that troubled, crack addicted/ alcoholic/ bad driver/Worst parent of the year that you love/hate so much.

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