Posted by: optionshiftk | May 14, 2008

What are your political beliefs?

It is a well known fact that I am a devoted republican. This has always been the core of my political beliefs.  I find the far-left( liberals) to be a bit looney. Often times they play dirty politics and do outrageous acts. I am not saying all liberals are bad, but in general. My respect for people’s political views is very high. I would never vote(or not vote) for a candidate simply because his affiliation with a particular party. In general, I side with republicans. I am now a fervent supporter of John Mccain for president of the united states. Mr. Mccain is a true patriot and nearly lost his life in the name of our country. So, what are your political beliefs? Republican, Democrat, independent, (insert name of obscure political party here)?



  1. I am a Republican all the way, go USA! And by the way, Bush isn’t all that bad, people are just mad because the oil’s running out. Did you know that under the Bush (Jr.) Administration over 10,000 nuclear weapons have been dismantled? Yea, i thought so, so don’t knock Bush.

  2. Independant, I choose who I like depending on whoever appeals to me most. I dislike the stereotype that if you’re in one party, you have to vote for that party.

  3. We should just move to Canada and forget it all. Who wants maple syrup, eh?

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