Posted by: optionshiftk | April 25, 2008

HTML and much more


 I am sure all of us have once found ourselves in a position of failure. Whether that be  trying to play a sport or learn a language. Perhaps you should not be the one to blame......maybe you were simply tought incorrectely. 

 My latest venture has been to learn HTML. Hypertext markup language is the basis of every webpage on the internet. In fact, webpages would not exist without the wonders of HTLML. Like all languages, there is an initial curve when learning HTML; you need to be eager and open minded. If you force yourself to learn the language yo will almost certainly fail miserably.

       Sometimes failure is inevitable, especially when one sports a lackluster attitude. As for the actual learning process, I reccomend a book. Yes, there are tons of free alternatives,( i.e. the internet) but I feel that books are the optimal way to learn. Some prefer other mediums for learning,( i.e. audio, video) but books work for me

    In any event, learning is all about applying yourself to the subject. If you have a negative attitude, you surely( "Don't call me surelyshirley!") will fail. Commitment and sacrifice are the keys that will unlock many doors.



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  1. it’s “Don’t call me Shirley” as in the name, Shirley. I just watched that movie today.

  2. Yep, I thought so.

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