Posted by: jeffd445 | April 22, 2008

Sitdown celebrity poetry with J. Dempster-part 4

Miley Cyrus

Get your butt off the TV

You sure as hell won’t get it from me

Getting all naked

You know it’s true

I hope your fans

Don’t copy you

Take your clothes

Out of the closet

Your ego’s as big

As your bank deposits

You’re full of crap

I have to say

All we can do

Is just turn away



  1. Amen brother! I have always been against Miley cyrus and child stars in general. Look what happened to Scott Bao and the Olson twins. It is a vicious circle!

  2. Hey Jeff, I lost the paper. What’s your Brawl friend code?

  3. You’re a genius Wesley. I’ll just tell you in school tomorrow.

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