Posted by: optionshiftk | April 21, 2008

privacy on the web

        Since the advent of web 2.0, it seems nearly everyone you know and their neiboors have become broadcasters. Sites like youtube and ustream have made uploading content to the web dummy proof.( for lack of a better word) 


            The issue of privacy is now malignant .Numerous questions now arise; What is off limits? Should kids be broadcast on the internet? The ultimate factor in answering theses questions is morals. What are your views? 

           Perhaps, being a moderate may be best solution. That happens to be where I stand on this issue. Always think twice about the things you upload to the web, they may come back to bite you.

          Now, a new form of harassment has also been spawned. Many youtubers and bloggers are tormented via the internet. Not through angry phone calls or being beat-up in a dark alley way, but by simple keystrokes. Possibly as innocuous as” you suck!” to more twisted threats such as” die you *#$%@%”

See a video by thecreativeone on harassment on youtube:

        Remember; an IP adress is eaisily trackable. Often, ISP’s surrender to the heals of  organizations like the RIAA. State your point of view,but do not nike the discussion. Most people would never use profanity verbaly, but on the internet it seems that wall of self-control is brocken. This dellusion of anonymity on the web causes many loons to flood discussion forums with raciest rants, sexiest comments …E.T.C!

               TO those who dare to use the internet as an exploit, I say” GET A LIFE” ( for lack of better words) Think about this; If it were not for evil people around the world, the terms virus, spyware and malware would not exist! Millions of innocent web users would not have as many headaches and hiccups. A startling revelation.



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