Posted by: optionshiftk | April 17, 2008

The next big thing( cue the sarcasm)

While pnewb has been an immensely successful venture, I feel that I should not soak up all the sun. There are a plethora of high quality blogs around the net. The one I would like to recognize  is from one of our fanatic writers. You may know who he is, of course…..Jeffd445! He is famous for his deep poetic verses depicting the lives of various trashy celebrities( i.e amy whinehouse)

         How did he start his blog? Well, simply by accident. You see, he lost the password to his previous wordpress account. His only option was to create a new one cleverly titiled” jefd445“. In the registation process, he accidentally created a blog of his own. Jeffd445 has garnered up enourmous success. With over 10 hits, the blog is certainly on a road to success.

      Do yourself a favor, visit jefd445’s weblog.

( insert sarcasm)





  1. Steven, you’re a funny one. How do I delete that blog anyway?

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