Posted by: optionshiftk | April 17, 2008

Fill in the bubble

One thing that has always irked me over the years is standardized testing. Theses are those awful tests used to determine a students placement for the next grade. Of course this system sounds humane and logical, but in reality this archaic methodology is caught up in politics. Yep….I said it . 

         Did you ever wonder why the name of the exam changes every few years? The reason is a change of publishers. These test publishers are making a fortune off of producing exams. In other words, the state of NJ is gambling!! They think education is a business, but they are wrong.

         Schools have turned into ” NJ ask preparation facilities” . Nearly all teachers and education officials have been told to train their students to pass the NJ standardized test. Why? Not for the students’ sake, but to make them look good. If the students fail the test, rationing of money becomes an issue….with less money, how could the teachers and principals afford to drive their gas guzzling SUV’s( cue sarcasm)

              The bottom line is that the US of A’s school system has turned into a sterile breeding ground for average loons! If one follows the school system as the state specifies, they would most likely end up with a very poor life.   Remember: Success can not be thought, but it can be discovered.



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