Posted by: epicwes | April 16, 2008

Movie Review: Superhero Movie

Another movie from the famous line of parody movies starting with the Scary Movie series. Some people feel these parody films have been getting worse and worse, with none of them being better than the first two Scary Movies (ones like Epic Movie or Meet the Spartans were terrible int he eyes of critics). However, I think this one was a hilarious comedy. It features a cast of amazing actors including Leslie Nielsen (my personal favorite comedy actor), Sara Paxton, Drake Bell, and Christopher McDonald. The plot is mainly based off of the Spiderman movies, closely following the first movie, with little bits taken from the other Spiderman movies, and Xmen movies. Maybe it’s just my nerd at heart saying this, but I can’t turn down a movie about superheros (unless, of course, it truly is awful). The movie was short, but all around really funny. I would recommend it to people who like comedies or superhero movies.



  1. Wes, looks good.

  2. This movie is availible on DVD right now! Retailers can be found on many street corners in New York City, but will take lunch break whenever a police officer comes by. Reduced price as well!

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