Posted by: nybrave08 | April 15, 2008

Pnewb Celebrates 10,000 Hit!

In tribute to our site’s great success, I have decided to write a commemorative post about Pnewb.

Three months ago on February 28th, our founder and leader Biosbooter created our blog under the name of Random Ramblings. The title ended up just not working, so it was decided to go with the name “Pnewb”. Again a suggestion of Biosbooter, Pnewb is a hybrid of the gaming terms “pwn” and “n00b”.

The beginning of the site was difficult, seeing that we only had three administrators, all of whom were doing the writing and managing of the site. They are all still around and well, and go by the names of Biosbooter (founder and captain), Futbol7 (Manages sports page and writes many posts), and Nybrave08 (Runs the beautiful Microsoft page, along with contributing).

The king of posting was obvious, (Biosbooter), who would write about as many posts as Nybrave and Futbol combined. Then, the second generation of writers came in, which introduced various new pages. Some of these pages were “the world + politics according to avisha”, obviously by smileitsavishaxo, and TWIS, by a new user Chemboy. Also, a new user Jeffd445 was added, who is now known best for his celebrity trashing poems.

Then came the third and most recent generation. The user epicwes is still undertaking the epic Console Rundown, which is a favorite of many Pnewb visitors. 1ant1 also arrived with his insane creative stories, which many love to read in their free time.

A recent epiphany has lead to a total restructure of Pnewb organization, which has gone from a democratic-like site with too many administrators and editors, to a more strict style with only the original three members as administrators and chemboy (a leading contributor) as an editor.

Currently, the site has stabalized at around 100 hits per day, which is pretty good from our point of view. But we can only improve, so we encourage all visitors to send us an email or leave comment. We have retained our ideas and morals of cleanliness, entertainment, and intelligence. Remember- Pnewb pwns all n00bs.



  1. Wow! Nicely written. I remember when we only had a few posts and writers. Brings back memories.

  2. Wow! Read it a second time, very kind words nj brave.


  4. Congrats everyone!

  5. This is great

  6. to a more strict style with only the original three members as administrators and chemboy (a leading contributor) as an editor.

    Who made me am author. Now I’m mad!

  7. wow you guys.. thanks for the downgrade.. w/e im out.. nice spring cleaning

  8. Amen Avisha!

  9. Imagine if we didn’t have my poems, we’d probably still be under 10,000 hits. You’re welcome guys.

  10. Jeff, my post gets 600+ hits a day! Your welcome.

  11. I was being sarcastic. My poems have probably been read by like 20 people.

  12. its okay jeff! ur poems are hilarious

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