Posted by: jeffd445 | April 14, 2008

Sitdown celebrity poetry with J. Dempster-part 2

Bill Gates

You have sixty-billion dollars

But is it really worth it?

You have really huge glasses

And you’re a nerdy little twit

Your computers suck so bad

I’m not gonna lie

Sometimes I question

Whether or not you’re a guy

I know why your wife married you

It’s not because you’re hot

She doesn’t want your dick,

But just some money in her slot

-Celebrity idea credited to Thomas, sort of

All poems created by J. Dempster.




  1. Hilarious Jeff. Seriously good work here.

  2. jefffff’s poems are the bomb!
    hahaha, i love reading them in creative writing
    =] =] =] =]

  3. Jeff, you have amazed me once again with your poetic verses. They bring a tear to my eye( in a trashy celebrity sort of way)

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