Posted by: optionshiftk | April 11, 2008

Sitdown celebrity poetry with J. Dempster-Part 1

      Lindsay Lohan

I forgot I really did

What color is your  hair?

Seriously lady

Freaking wear some underwear

I see you smoke a pack a day

Please, put these cigarettes out

But then comes a huge nicotine fit

You’ll gnash your teeth and shout

You’ve been in many movies

Not many anymore

You’re in the dictionary

Right under the word “whore”

All poems created by J. Dempster



  1. Why did Jeff not make the post?

  2. He did in fact make the post from my account, but forgot his password to his account months ago.

  3. Oh, well then why is he still a writer?

  4. it’s a nice poem…

  5. let’s not fight children.

  6. You guys have been having a fight using the comment thing on my article for 3 days now. Why don’t you email eachother instead, and make it faster?

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