Posted by: rohanb7 | April 1, 2008

Gmail’s new Custom Time

Recently Gmail released a new feature for its users called Custom Time. This feature allows people to date their emails falsely. This means you could send an email using Gmail and set the time to December 30, 2005. The recipient of this email would see the email marked as that date. So, the email would show up next to in the inbox next to emails from that date. This may seem like a very good idea, but it could cause major problems. For example, you could send an email and set the date 2 years ago and predict the “future” in it. This would seriously confuse people. You could pretend to be a genius who warned the government before a disaster. Because of the wide range of possibilities of this new feature only allows Gmail users to send ten pre-dated emails per year. Now, you can email your teacher late homework and date it ten days before!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that great? However, make sure you use your ten date changing emails wisely. For more information see the bottom of the Futbol page. 



  1. This would also screw up the database feature in OSX mail. Searching by date would be chaotic if the dates were invalid!

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