Posted by: chemboy | March 25, 2008

Politics and the humor behind it.

Politics. It’s a funny word. I mean where did it come from. I did a little research and found that it is Latin for: A game played where people get hurt, mass chaos. This astonished me because I thought politics was when the U.S had a biggest idiot contest. Either way I guess it makes sense. Politics have recently been driving me crazy. All this talk about Obama’s overzealous pastor, and about Hillary being under sniper fire when she went to some African country! This is getting out of hand and turning into the running of the bulls. Who ever runs the other candidate over and gorges them is the winner. Is that how we want the fight for the White House to be fought? Or do we want a nice peaceful game of go fish? I personally want go fish (best game ever!), but it looks like someone is getting trampled! And I really think that everyone starting stupid rumors about candidates need to grow up and get a job. Let the candidates battle it out, and don’t get involved. And lets give some praise to little old Ron Paul who is actually playing by the rules, too bad there are no rules in politics. Geez louise, these candidates need to stop crying about delegates and come to some sort of conclusion. It would really be nice, don’t you think! And don’t get me started on corruption. I have a wonderful simile for that! Corruption is like a buffet, it keeps on coming! Lets voice our opinions to the pompous people sitting on their rear ends and watching the U.S. fall apart! This has been a wonderful rant and I hope you savor it!



  1. Hillary T’s me off. She did that whole dirty smear campaign about Obama. Politics should not exist! It is just a fancy club with a bunch of self-bloviating loons. What happened to the good old days of Ronald Reagan and Richard M. Nixion? Those were the gems of our nations presidency.

  2. I have found a different history of the word politics from my Apple Dictionary-“Origin Late Middle English: from Old French politique ‘political’, via Latin from Greek politikos, from polites ‘citizen’ , from polis ‘city'”

    So, the word originally meant citizen of the city.

  3. i like your definition of politics.

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