Posted by: optionshiftk | March 24, 2008

Smash bros; did it live up to the hype?


   Dubbed as the most anticipated  WII game of the year, super smash bros brawl kepy many Nintendo fanboys across the country occupied for days. Now, that the  excitement has died down to a murmur, I ask a question: Did smash bros. live up to the hype?  Or was it simply over publicized and blown out of proportion like Barack Obamas speech?( see Personally, it is my fervant opinion that the game is super over hyped. The thing that gripes me the most about the game is the UI. Whew!…man oh man! The UI is one of a nintendo 64 game. Very riugh and hard to use. Especially that pesky keyboard. Why must we surrender to the cell phone keyboard?




  1. The hype isn’t dead. I play this game at least 2 hours a day. It has far exceeded my expectations.

  2. Well, I am not saying it is a bad game, but come on!! There is tons of hype.

  3. Dude you were crazy when this game came out! And now your not? What happened?

  4. actually there wasn’t much hype. There were no TV commercials until after the game came out. In fact, the hype was lessened bcause the game was delayed twice. it was originally supposed to come out on December 3, but on October 10th it was delayed until February 10th. But then on January 17th, it was delayed again until March 9th. many fans just gave up after this.

    Also chemboy, he’s only mad because he sucks at the game.

  5. Nice rebuttal!

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