Posted by: optionshiftk | March 24, 2008



I love hunting for up and coming people and projects. My find is a super great podcast titled “podnutz“. Now, podnutz feutures a real life computer repair technician, Steve Cheribino who owns his own computer repair buisness.

The knowledge I have aquired from this podcast/netcast is priceless. This podcasts is more in the direction of PC’s. While Steve owns a mac as well as a PC, it is extremely difficult to discuss Mac hardware. In any event, I encourage all geeks/techies to support this podcast. Please check it out. Podnutz daily is another iteration of the podnutz series. This is availible on a daily basis. In it, Steve discusses his daily predicament and how he resolved these computer problems.   

You can learn more about podnutz at the folowing links:     

 Podnutz site:      

 Podnutz daily site:   



Use OpenDNS



  1. 🙂

    Good read! Thank you!

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