Posted by: chemboy | March 22, 2008

Rolling Rock’s Moonvertising: First Attempt is a Failure


     Rolling Rock’s first attempt to advertise their product was a complete failure! Along with blowing up the great pyramids and a great football player, they also destroyed Florida. To me this is all some big hoax to generate media, and it seems to be working. Even though this is probably all fake, pnewb is promising real footage of the event if it actually happens. One reason this is probably all a hoax, is that there is no way a company can fire a laser into airspace. The FAA is concerned with a 50nm laser, how about a 500000nm laser! Well here is the footage of there first attempt:



  1. I’m pretty sure it isn’t a hoax. I noticed that the remote control for the laser is the same model as mine. They probably bought their laser kit from the same shop I did. On April 20th, I think I’ll try modifying their moon art to say “Roleing Rook” or something like that. 🙂

  2. Yes but the FAA will not allow a laser like that to pass into restricted air space!

  3. It is possible (but potentially inhumane) to put an ad on the moon. All that one needs to do is look at the mineral content of the moon. There is a very high concentration of iron on its surface, which is unoxidized because there is no major atmosphere, and there if no water on the moon, or very little in the form of ice. Should someone decide to make an ad by oxidizing the moon in the design that fits their company, they would have destroyed a huge part of nature, but have a very popular ad.

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