Posted by: chemboy | March 22, 2008

Book Review: oPtion$

     Everybody should know about the apple scandal, about a boat load of unaccounted for stock options. Well, the fake Steve Jobs (Daniel Lyons) has finally written a book on the true story of what really happened…<cough> <cough>. This book called oPtion$ (Options) can be found in your local hippie book store in the humor section. How could something so serious be found in the humor section of my hippie book store?, you say. Well, I’ll let the book tell you why, here is a small excerpt. “I’m famous for being a genius, and for starting the coolest consumer electronics company in the world, which I totally started in my garage, by myself, or actually with this other guy, but he’s out of the picture now, so who cares.” Now that was not the funniest line from the book because the other quotes are too long and I’ll get carpal tunnel syndrome, but you get the idea, it is plain out funny! I recommend this book for anyone who is crazy about Apple, or who is hardcore computer nerd who is operating a suped up Dell in his mother’s basement, while playing World of War-craft, and is a level 84 character that never sleeps, and goes around the imaginary world of Golen destroying enemies… I could go into more detail, but you get the idea (again). So yeah, go read it!


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