Posted by: Rohan Bhargava | March 22, 2008

America is Full of Criminals

     Did you know more than 1 out of every 100 American adults are behind bars? This is outrageous.  There are 1,596,127 people in national prisons, and this number is always rising. There are more people in our prisons then the population of several countries such as: Swaziland, Estonia, and East Timor.  Just 21 years ago, in 1987 there were “only” half a million people is our country’s prison! What is even more puzzling is that violent crimes have dropped 25% since then. Most people think America is a safe country, but America has the MOST inmates! China is closest to America, with about 300,000 less criminals. But, as you must know by now, China has a much larger population than U.S. 
Some Statistics 
91% of all inmates are male
1 in 9 African American men from ages 20 to 34 are in jail
1 in 36 Hispanic men are in jail who are 18 or older
1 in 106 White men are in jail who are 18 or older
Clearly, this is not a good thing. America must work hard to reduce these numbers. In my opinion, it must first change the second amendment that states all American citizens have the right to bear arms(see Should americans be allowed to bear arms? « pnewb). If this amendment is removed, I guarantee that the number of people in prison will decrease. Also, America must stop illegal drugs from coming into the country. With these things happening America’s prisons will quickly empty.

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