Posted by: optionshiftk | March 18, 2008

Miro and getting computer media on a T.V.

Well, I know many of your out there loathe apple and try to take shots at them any time you can. Have you ever wanted a  really clean and simple podcast and video client other than itunes? I have the soulution. A little known app calles ” miro“. Along with its super elegant interface, miro also provides very powerful tools for power users. Here is a scenerio; A persons HDD is over loaded with stuff. They are dangerously running low on HDD space , but need mant gigabytes of space for multimedia( video podcasts) . After researching, they conclude an external HDD is the most affordable soulution.  Now, what I do with miro is save my podcasts ( which are gigabytes in size)  to an external 500 GB HDD. Not only does this save space on my internal HDD, but also gives me the ability to carry my whole library in my hands. Here is another question: Once you have all of the content downloaded, how do you enjoy it? Well, you could of course sit uncomfortbaliy glaring at your luminscent computer screen, but what if you want to watch  your media from your couch. This  predicament can be solved by simply ripping your media onto a flash drive( thumb drive)  In my experiences, I have found that the best way to do it is put the content on a flash drive, and then hook it up to an xbox 360. The gaming device actually proves to be a quite able media center. In fact, if you have a PC running windows media center or even just windows media player 11( free), you can stream the videos.    Want to learn how to buil a potato cannon? Here is a great how to from the good boys at revision 3:     Download miro:


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